Japanese A Linguistic Introduction-Learn Japanese

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Japanese  -A Linguistic Introduction

This comprehensive introduction to the Japanese language consists of six parts. Following the introductory section, it explores the Japanese lexicon, grammatical foundations, major clause types, clause linkage, and language usage. The discussion of formal and structural properties of Japanese such as sound structure, vocabulary and grammar assist readers as they gain insight into historical and sociocultural aspects ; some are compared with those of English-speaking nations. An ideal choice for instructors, the book includes twenty-eight chapters, sufficient for approximately ninety hours of hands-on instruction.

Each topic has been rigorously selected based on the author’s experience of more than two decades teaching Japanese linguistics. The book’s breadth and depth make it highly appropriate for learners of this  language, for linguistics students interested, and for researchers interested in linguistics. Online resources include exercises and supplementary multimedia materials to enhance the reader’s comprehension and enjoyment.

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